The Client

Zerospam is a global leader in email security. For the past 17 years, SMB and enterprise customers worldwide have relied on its simple yet highly reliable cloud email security solution to keep their email safe from threats such as spam, DDoS, Malware and viruses. In recent years, Zerospam has doubled its channel ecosystem to 400 global partners. This rapid growth has also created the need to intensify marketing efforts.

The Challenge

Zerospam has a fairly small sales and marketing team, which has been given the sizeable task of expanding the company’s global reach with limited time and resources. Its inbound and outbound marketing tactics were being run on a hodgepodge of marketing tools all using different terminology and metrics. All incoming leads were being gathered by a customer service tool that had been initially implemented to handle customer tickets. As a result, sales leads had to be manually triaged and sent to the sales team, which then entered the lead in Salesforce. This created multiple challenges – not only in executing inbound and outbound marketing tactics, but also in collecting accurate marketing performance metrics to inform decision making.

Zerospam knew that a marketing platform like HubSpot would allow its team to automate and centralize key processes and improve the measurement of key performance metrics. The problem was its in-house team lacked the time and expertise.

The Need

“We needed a more efficient way to manage leads, understand marketing performance metrics, plan forecasts and communicate to our partners and leadership team a clear direction for future marketing strategies based on past performance. We knew HubSpot was the answer; what was missing was the HubSpot know-how to ensure a successful onboarding.”
– Louis Dore Director of Sales and Marketing

Specifically, Zerospam wanted:

  • A single marketing platform that could grow with its expanding inbound and outbound marketing activities.
  • Automated processes to eliminate time-consuming cross-application validation, inbound lead management and reporting.
  • Reliable monthly performance summaries that could be generated in a few clicks, but that also made sense to management to support timely decision making.
  • Insightful dashboards to accurately demonstrate the ROI of inbound and nurturing marketing initiatives throughout a prospect’s journey from first contact to faithful customer.
  • A resource with HubSpot experience to manage the entire onboarding process and serve as a trusted and dedicated advisor to the leadership team.

The Solution

Zerospam turned to VBC Marketing, a local marketing agency with expertise in HubSpot onboarding and project management. The agency took the time to understand Zerospam’s marketing reality and business goals to deliver a tailor-made step-by-step HubSpot onboarding playbook. It also delivered some digital marketing quick wins. Best of all, it did all this within 6 weeks of the discovery and scope of work phase.

The Results

Thanks to the smooth initial onboarding phases facilitated by VBC Marketing, Zerospam was able to:

  • Improve the visitor website experience by streamlining the existing inbound form workflow from 8 clicks to 2.
  • Create meaningful and credible dashboards to identify underperforming areas.
  • Save $4,000 per month through new analytics that correlate paid searches to real marketing qualified leads to quickly convert sales opportunities.
  • Shorten the lag time by 50% between form submission and first sales outreach by replacing the manual inbound lead filtering process with automated lead notification and distribution.

The Possibilities

To quickly scale their team and marketing programs in a sustainable way over the long term, Zerospam is now considering:

  • Integrating Salesforce and HubSpot to ensure marketing qualified leads are automatically pushed through the sales cycle in Salesforce, while pushing back to HubSpot vital deal status information that automatically populates dashboards reporting on paid advertising ROI and other metrics.
  • Building out further their ability to capture and convert sales & marketing leads from HubSpot rather than through its current in-house manual process.
  • Begin developing automate workflows that engage and nurture all leads.
  • Initiate automating and personalizing its inbound and outbound marketing with meaningful messaging, content and branding.

About Zerospam

Zerospam is a fast-growing business that serves more than 4,000 small, midsized and enterprise customers worldwide via an ecosystem of 400+ partners focused primarily on Canada and the US. It is a recognized leader in providing cloud-based email security solutions to the SMB market across North America, helping them block unwanted emails and combat cybercriminals.

About VBC Marketing

VBC is a boutique digital, traditional and visual marketing agency located in greater Montréal, Québec. Our raison d’être is in enablement, not entrenchment. With that in mind, we help SMB clients attain growth by transforming marketing insight into marketing activity to drive sales.

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