We are thrilled to announce that designer and visual artist Rachel Hélène Amram has joined the VBC team as a Senior Graphic Design consultant.

Rachel brings a unique blend of both ‘right-brain’ and ‘left-brain’ thinking in her approach to design, with an artistic background (having earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Concordia University) and over a decade of experience in corporate design.

Rachel honed her skills as a graphic designer while working for motion picture distribution companies Alliance Films and Alliance Vivafilm in Montreal, where she was responsible for the creation of package design as well as promotional and marketing materials for the home entertainment division.

With a passion for travel and photography and an interest in deepening her knowledge of typography and layout design, Rachel then worked as a graphic designer for Spafax, an international content marketing agency that creates custom publications focused on enhancing brand identity for clients. As a graphic designer, she assisted with photo editing, color correction and retouching, as well as designing layouts for magazines.

Armed with a wealth of design and photo editing experience, Rachel began working on design projects on an independent basis in 2008, expanding her skillsets further by designing TV sales and marketing catalogues, website layouts as well as social media content and branding.

Rachel combines an intuitive creative approach with a pragmatic perspective on finding design solutions. Using an integrated marketing strategy, she is committed to helping clients build brand loyalty through the creation of consistently strong, eye-catching design and compelling visual content, customized to multiple platforms (print, web, merchandising, digital and social media). Her focus is on helping clients grow their business and expand their customer base.

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Published On: August 3rd, 2016 / Categories: VBC News, Visual Marketing /

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